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Trusting your photographer. Can you do it?

Trust, it’s probably one of the hardest things to gain from a person. Giving control over to someone else and trusting that they will take the same love and care as you have for something.  It’s not as easy as one person thinks, especially on a wedding day. You plan for months the perfect wedding day. You envision amazing wedding photos in your gorgeous dress with your handsome husband, but I bet none of those dreams include rain, mud and a dirty dress. And this is where the trust has to come in. You picked your wedding photographer for a reason. You saw their work, loved it and could imagine yourself in those pictures. But little do you know what it takes to get those amazing pictures. The trust you have to have and give your photographer is really what makes those pictures amazing.

I admit I push the envelope with my couples, I will push them as far as they will let me and then I push a little more. Pushing them out of their safe and comfort zone is what gives you those photos that makes you cry when you see them. Now I’m not talking about skydiving in a wedding dress or going water skiing or anything like that. I’m talking about allowing me to bring you where we will get the best look, the best light, the most incredible images. I’ve had girls not trust me and my instincts and when they get their photos back they tell me, I should have listened to you. I am not always right, just ask my husband, but you can trust that I will always have your best interest in mind and that your dress will always get dirty with me. Yup I said it. YOUR DRESS WILL GET DIRTY. I know, I know. You paid a lot of money for it and your mom will probably kill you but really, are you ever going to wear it again, do you think anyone will even notice the little bit of dirt on the bottom of your dress? I doubt it.

This past weekend I witnessed trust like non-other. Jackie and Dave had picked the most gorgeous locations for their Traverse City wedding. Pictures at Fish Town in Leland followed by an outdoor ceremony at Berngman Brothers Winery atop a hill looking over the vineyard and a picturesque reception overlooking a marina on West Bay. Could it be any more perfect? Well probably could have, if it didn’t rain ALL DAY LONG! And this is where the trust came in. After I arrived at the salon I suggested to Jackie that she should go down the street and get some Hunter rain boots so we didn’t ruin her shoes, and she did! Just like that, she didn’t question me or anything. She had one of her bridesmaids go down the street and buy the $140 boots. Ouch I know. But let me tell you, those boots were a life saver. They saved us in Leland when it was pouring rain and they stood out on the boardwalk snuggled under an umbrella. But they really came in handy when we went in the vineyard after the ceremony. It was muddy, it was wet and it was rainy, oh so rainy. But Jackie already trusted me.  She trusted that if she did what I said, she would get those pictures that she wanted. Those pictures that make you cry because it’s exactly what you dreamed of, even if it was raining on your head. So up the hill we trekked with our umbrellas shielding us from the winds and sideways rain. And when I said put the umbrella down, stand here and just hold each other, they did. Not one hesitation.

And this picture below, this is the dream she had for her wedding day.

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A BIG thank you to Jackie and Dave for being one of the most brave and trusting bride and grooms ever! I hope this picture brings you many smiles and many happy memories from your wedding day!

So just remember to trust your photographer and get dirty or you won’t get a picture like this one 🙂

Genevieve McKeiver Photography - Aww Thank you so much Kristen. And of course I remember you! I hope things are going well for you on the east side 🙂

Kristen Geving - Hi Gen…that brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing photographer. I don’t know if you remember me, but you did my engagement pictures in Grand Rapids. In 2011. My one regret I have about my wedding was not hiring you as my photographer. My photographer was good, but not amazing…the wow factor…like you & the way you capture those special moments. My brother is getting married in a year & I’ve highly recommended you. I enjoy being Facebook friends with you & following your blog!
Kristen Geving

Jackie H - Ah, you just made me cry!! haha. We had so much fun regardless of the weather and THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!! 🙂

Pritchard - Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. I always say, with risk comes great reward. Follow the passion embellish the results! Great job Genevieve!!

Michelle - Great post! This is the reason people should always hire a professional! Having the experience and knowledge backing you up gives them a reason to put their trust in you!

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