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6.1.13 Lindsay + Nate Married | Bay Pointe Inn Wedding Photographer |

(This is long so get ready) When I book a wedding at a venue that I’ve never photographed at before the first thing I do is to Google wedding images from that venue. That way I know where NOT to shoot. Typically the images that you are find are all the same at all of the same places. Insert bride and groom here, push button and bam, you have a cookie cutter image. Now I’m not saying I haven’t photographed at places like the side garden/waterfall at the Grand Rapids Art Museum many times, but every time I do I try to look at it from a different perspective.  But when the only things you see online are the same things, that tells me it’s time to get creative and find some place new. Some people scope out locations days, weeks or even hours before a wedding. Driving around to find those great spots. Not me, I love using Google maps.  Yup, you heard that right. My secret is out. It might seem lazy but sometimes getting an aerial view can give you a whole new perspective on locations. Take the location I spotted using Google maps for Lindsay and Nate’s summer wedding. I just happened to find this amazing horse farm with a white picket fence, my absolute favorite thing! When I got down to Bay Pointe Inn I asked Lindsay if she was up for taking off and finding some new places to go. So we jumped in my jeep and drove just down the road. At first I couldn’t find the road for the horse farm but I just happened to see those beautiful white posts through the trees. Jackpot!! I NEVER would have found this spot just driving around! And let me tell you, between the bugs and the motor oil spotting the grass, these pictures were amazing!! Wow I got a little off track there didn’t I. Okay so let’s talk about these two love birds 🙂

Lindsay and Nate (like most all of my couples) are super sweet. I guess I just attract some pretty amazing people (haha)! Lindsay has this gorgeous smile with the most amazing perfect teeth I have ever seen. I mean I would pay thousands to have those teeth! And Nate just has this smooth, relaxed, fun way about him. Their day was fun, relaxed and full of laughter and lots of love. And I have to give them both a HUGE thank you for asking me to be their photographer. See back a long time ago (July of 2010 to be exact) Lindsay contacted me just after I photographed her friend BrieLynn’s wedding. She said her and her mom were blowen away by the pictures and although they weren’t engaged yet, she definitely wanted me to photograph her wedding. So fast forward two years later. Nate finally popped the question and Lindsay contacted me. Now if you know anything about my luck and my experience with technology you won’t be surprised to find that her message to me from my blog never went through to my email. So she thought I just didn’t reply. Later that fall at another friends wedding I was photographing (thanks again BrieLynn 🙂 ) we started chatting and she told me about another photographer that they had hired but wasn’t crazy about. So after some more talks they broke off their contract with that photographer and booked me! I felt very bad for their first photographer, but I knew it was meant to be, I was meant to be there with them on their wedding day. Well once again long story not so short, I am very grateful that they not only took a financial risk but a leap of faith and trust that her dream and hopes that she had back in 2010 would come true. And I couldn’t be more proud and honored to share their beautiful day with you. So stop reading this and start scrolling….

Ceremony and Reception: Bay Pointe Inn

Florist: Cindy Mein

Cake: Laura Restivo

Band: Tony Fields and Doug Decker

Makeup: Erick Gerson

Hair: Megan Porter

Dress and Tuxedos: Memories (Maggie Sottero)

Stationary: Paper Source

Bay Pointe Inn Wedding photographer




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Looking back at the 2nd half of 2012, part 1 | Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer |

At a recent engagement session I was talking about my blog, yes this thing. The thing that has been horribly neglected for the last 18 months. I find that it’s easier to just throw some images up on facebook and call it good. But my couple really made me think when they said that they used blogs to help decide which photographers they were going to meet with. I was extremely embarrassed because mine has been, well really bad! They said it helped them get to understand who the photographer was, see their personality, hear about them talk about their clients and read how much they really care about each and every one. That made me even more embarrassed because looking at my blog makes it look like I don’t care about my clients or even want to take the time to tell their story. Well I know that’s not true at all. The hardest part for me with a blog IS writing their story. It’s such a personal thing to experience one of the biggest days for two people into just a few paragraphs. How can you sum up someone’s love and commitment to eachother with a few words. I always felt like I wasn’t doing their story justice with my words. The funny thing is that I used to write newsletters in a previous job. I had no issues with that, but personal things… well that’s harder. Of course once I get going, I have a hard time stopping. If you know me or have ever talked to me, you know I like to talk. Typing is another thing.

So with that said I owe my clients the time, the love and respect to tell their stories. Now instead of trying to split them all up into multiple blog posts I’ve decided to do it in two, but I’m given them each their own space. So let’s start with Kristen and Ryan….

9.1.12 Kristen + Ryan Married | Petoskey Staffords Perry Hotel Wedding |

When you first meet Kristen you can’t help but want to be best friends with her immediately. She has this grace and sweetness about her that draws people to her. Which is probably what drew Ryan to her. Together these two are like the perfect couple. The ones you want to call up and hang out at MSU tailgates, see on the weekends and go on trips with. They are THAT couple! The ones that everyone loves. So now that I laid the foundation to their awesomeness let’s talk about their wedding day. Labor Day weekend in Petoskey at the Staffords Perry Hotel, the absolutely perfect setting for their wedding. The day was gorgeous, the sun was shinning all day, it was warm (poor Ryan was melting during the ceremony) and just perfect.  They had planned a fabulous day full of family, laughter, friends, personal touches and simple yet beautiful details.  I’m really excited to finally share their images on my blog, these photos bring back so many awesome memories from their day. So enjoy!!!

Staffords Perry Hotel Petoskey Wedding

Staffords Perry Hotel Petoskey Wedding

Staffords Perry Hotel Petoskey Wedding




10.6.13 Kristen + Ryan Married | Kalamazoo Country Club Wedding |

I know, another Kristen and Ryan!  I’ve had clients with the same names before, but not weddings that were back to backs for me. So let’s talk about this Kristen and Ryan. You might remember them from their fabulous engagement session at a barn that involved a little Oberon (yummy!). So you already know how cute and awesome these two are together.  Well don’t worry, they weren’t any different on their wedding day. Their day was just perfect, a little chilly but the clouds were great and the light filtering through was stunning. Of course it’s not hard to make these two look good but everything just seemed to fall into place. I found this abandoned house and barn just down the street from the church, it made the perfect location for photos. I mean who doesn’t want tall grasses, old barns and tons of charm?  I love weddings where I don’t feel like just a vendor, I feel like a friend. This was definitely one of those weddings. It felt like I had known Kristen and Ryan for ever, it just seemed so natural and relaxing to be around them.  And I loved that she listened to my advice (I didn’t think anyone ever listened to me!) when I told her to take their wedding gift money and buy something meaningful, something you can look back years later and have great memories from it. So what did Kristen buy… tickets for her baseball loving husband to one of the Tigers Playoff games last year. Yup best wife ever award right there! Yeah I know that didn’t really have much to do with their wedding day, I just love that little story 🙂  So here is the other Kristen and Ryan and their special day at the Kalamazoo Country Club.

Kalamazoo Country Club Wedding

Kalamazoo Country Club Wedding

Kalamazoo Country Club Wedding




 10.13.13 Jackie + Dave Married | Brengman Brother Winery Traverse City |

And the final wedding for this post, Jackie and Dave. So if you follow my blog I’ve already talked about these two, well mainly Jackie. See their wedding day didn’t go off without a hitch, it went off with a change of ceremony location, lot’s of umbrellas, wind, wetness, rain and a soaking wet dress. If you read the post last year about Trusting Your Photographer, than you know how kick-ass these two already are. If you didn’t read it yet,  you need to.  So to save you from having to read about the crummy rain again, I’m going to tell you more about type of people these two are. Dave is quiet, loves a good craft beer, kind, gentle and thoughtful.  Jackie, is pretty much the same, sweet, thoughtful, caring, trusting… pretty much these two are just great people. I was surprised a few months ago when a package was delivered to my house from their address. I couldn’t think of what they could have sent me. I opened the package up to find a BirchBox, oh makeup I thought, yes!! I love makeup and skin care stuff. But this box was a little too heavy to be anything like that. So I opened the box unwrapped the tissue to find this beautiful tile with the state of Michigan on it. I knew immediately where it was from and it brought back so many great memories from their day. See while it was pouring rain we drove to Leland for some of their pictures. Jackie dreamed of having their wedding pictures done there, what she didn’t dream about was the amount of rain we had.  In between shots outside we took refuge inside this adorable little tile shop, Sporck Tile Art We looked around and warmed up a bit before heading back out in the wetness. Well that tile I got, it was from there. And included in the box was a sweet note saying that they had finally made it back up to Leland and this time it wasn’t raining. They stopped in the tile shop and picked me up a little gift. I recently told someone that of all of the little things I have received from my clients that this was the most sincere and thoughtful thing I have ever gotten.  It was so personal and special and it reminds me of their day, of the two of them and that what I do is so much more than just taking some photos of a dress, flowers and details.  I’m taking little snaps of memories and moments for two very special people. Thank you Jackie and Dave for constantly reminding me why do what I love to do.




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